FSNextTV: Lavon Hooks

FSNextTV: Lavon Hooks

Lavon Hooks is one of the most coveted junior college defensive linemen in the country. With close to 30 scholarship offers to consider, Hooks will be a name of prominence in the coming weeks. See highlights of the talented Hooks in action in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Lavon Hooks had a stellar season in Booneville, Mississippi this fall, earning All-Region Honors.

Hooks can slide up and down the defensive line and fill in where he best helps the team.

He appears to be better suited for the interior defensive line, but he shows a nice burst coming off of the edge when lining up on the end.

Hooks has a great motor and fights through the trash to make a play often coming from the backside.

Hooks does a nice job using his hands to prevent offensive lineman from getting inside. He uses good pad level and is able to get into gaps and blows things up before they really get started.

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